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Colorado recently documented our three biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions as coal-fired electricity plants, fugitive methane emissions from oil and gas facilities, and automobiles. While coordinated national action would be welcome, in recent years we’ve seen rapid results on reducing these greenhouse gas emissions from state leadership and from private industry. The governors and legislatures of both Colorado and New Mexico have enacted climate policies aimed at achieving significant reductions in fossil fuel pollutants that contribute to our changing global climate. Given the recent absence of federal leadership, state agencies have undertaken rewriting rules that affect carbon dioxide pollution from coal-fired power plants and methane emissions from the oil and gas industry. Colorado is a leader in regulating methane pollution from oil and gas production facilities. Colorado’s air quality regulators approved rules in 2019 that directed oil and gas companies to aggressively find and repair methane leaks. On deck are rules to reduce emissions from pneumatic controllers, devices ubiquitous throughout oil and gas fields. New Mexico is similarly advancing methane rules aimed at limiting pollution from the nation’s largest petroleum field in the Permian Basin. But it’s not just regulators passing rules to limit pollution, the private marketplace is transforming more rapidly than anyone might have imagined. State goals to achieve large reductions in carbon emissions, like the oft-cited 80% reduction in carbon dioxide by 2030, set the stage, but utilities found the plunging prices for renewable energy from solar and wind too enticing to delay. Hence, Xcel in Colorado hastened closures of its coal fleet, Public Service Company of New Mexico accelerated retirement of San Juan Generating Station in Farmington to 2022 and Tri-State Generation and Transmission quickly pulled the plug on coal plants at Nucla and Prewitt, New Mexico. Utility executives describe the financial benefits of shifting from expensive coal to cheaper renewables as a green dividend. Consumers and auto manufacturers have rapidly embraced electric vehicles at a pace few would have predicted. Electric vehicles promise to seriously dent emissions from the fossil-fuel combusting automobile sector. Entrepreneurs like Tesla have captured the public’s imagination, and are Wall Street darlings in anticipation of an electric vehicle dominated future. When even a staid auto manufacturer like General Motors announces to great fanfare its intention to go all electric in just 15 years, you know the revolution is upon us. Together, it’s a potent one-two punch. State leaders implementing policies that dictate pollution reductions, while private capital and consumers gallop toward clean energy solutions. It would be wonderful to rely on federal leadership, and perhaps once again we will be inspired by the words and actions of our national government.

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Public hearing set on Oceano Dunes SVRA dust emission violations Spots for Santa Maria’s off-highway vehicle safety workshops tend to fill up quickly because they are limited to eight participants, although the city is seeking to expand access with new state funding. The Ride 3 program was launched using a $64,000 state grant in 2014 to teach area youth about safe all-terrain vehicle operations. The program later was opened up to adults, but access has been limited since the city only has eight ATVs, which are smaller in size, for students.  Now, city officials are pursuing another grant from the California Department of Parks and Recreation to acquire four larger ATVs meant for adult riders, according to Dennis Smitherman, recreation services manager for the city’s  Department of Recreation and Parks .  A required public meeting was held Wednesday to receive community input for the grant application, which is due on March 26.  “This grant is kind of different,” Smitherman said, adding it's the city's third time applying for the grant. “Our population is not so much the little guys anymore but teenagers and adults who are learning to ride safely.” State Parks plan for Oso Flaco Lake calls for 300 campsites, more trails, OHV access The state will determine the size of the grant, according to Smitherman, who said the money could be awarded later this year. The price for new ATVs range from several thousand dollars to more than $10,000 each. Additionally, the department is also looking at the possibility of hiring more instructors who could teach more classes. Currently, there are only two, including City Ranger Casey Stone “He’s really good with the kids and adults,” Smitherman said. “He really gets his point across about the safety and being respectful at the same time.” When the program first started, classes were held up to six times each year, but the city reduced it to twice each year due to staffing shortages. The courses are able to be held during the pandemic but needed to be modified to meet COVID-19 safety guidelines. The program now includes a two-and-a-half-hour online pre-instruction class, followed by two and a half hours of hands-on riding instruction. Previously, courses were held at the Elks Unocal Event Center, although now they are offered at Los Flores Ranch Park. Vehicle off-roading is banned at the park, but a specially designed location is used by the city for the OHV course, according to Smitherman, who added the courses are highly popular.   Sign up to receive headlines in your inbox! Breaking News | Local Sports | Daily Headlines | Local Obituaries | Weather | Local Offers Tuition was previously free, although many people would sign up but not show up, according to Smitherman. Now, the city charges a $5 fee to ensure people will attend.  The course is designed for someone who has never ridden an ATV and it teaches the basics: how to properly size the vehicle, where the brakes are located, etc. The final test puts all the skills together in an actual trail ride at low speeds, instead of "riding in circles" on a track, according to Stone.  When students graduate, they earn a certificate through the ATV Safety Institute .  The sign-up for the next Ride 3 class will be in March, with the city expected to  make an announcement on its Facebook page  at least two weeks in advance of registration. The city offers the course because it’s part of the department’s general mission to provide safe recreational activities and also to prevent injuries or death at area off-roading locations, including the  Oceano Dunes , according to Smitherman. Between 2015 and 2017, California reported 62 ATV-related deaths, the third-highest number behind Kentucky, which had 63, and West Virginia, which had 97, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission .