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OSHA Publishes New COVID-19 Workplace Safety Guidance Only eight days after President Joe Biden tasked the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) with issuing revised guidance to employers on workplace safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, OSHA complied. OSHA's " Protecting Workers: Guidance on Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace " was posted January 29, 2021. This is the first time OSHA has published comprehensive recommendations on specific workplace COVID-19 prevention policies. OSHA makes clear that its new guidance "is not a standard or regulation," "creates no new legal obligations," is "advisory in nature," and is merely "intended to assist employers in recognizing and abating hazards …" However, because OSHA's General Duty Clause requires employers to maintain a workplace "free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm," carefully reviewing and following the guidance to the greatest extent possible is a good way to demonstrate compliance with the General Duty Clause.  Some important, high-level elements of this new guidance include: Implementing a COVID-19 Prevention Program OSHA encourages employers to develop a COVID-19 prevention program that includes 15 key elements, including:  Conducting a thorough hazard assessment to identify potential risks in the workplace;  Identifying and implementing measures designed to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace (discussed in our prior  article ), such as physical distancing in communal work areas, installing barriers where physical distancing cannot be maintained, providing employees with face coverings, and performing routine cleaning and disinfection;  Considering modified policies for employees at higher risk of severe illness; Directing workers who have or potentially have COVID-19 to stay home and quarantine; and Recording and reporting COVID-19 cases if required (as detailed in our prior  article ). The good news is that many employers already have these types of policies in place. A quick run-through of OSHA's checklist, and a fresh set of eyes on your current policies, can be an effective way to ensure your written policies are up-to-date and protect both your business and your employees.  OSHA does not mandate employee vaccinations. However, it does encourage employers to make vaccines available at no cost to eligible employees or, at the very least, to provide information and training on the benefits and safety of vaccinations. (For more information on employees and vaccines, take a look at our recent  article .)  And, since there is not yet evidence that vaccines prevent COVID-19 transmission, the guidance also discourages employers from applying different safety standards to vaccinated and unvaccinated employees. For example, even employees who have been vaccinated should be required to continue wearing face coverings and remain physically distant.  OSHA considers employee participation in developing effective COVID-19 prevention measures to be key. Employers are encouraged to involve employees in assessing safety hazards and developing a prevention program.  Employers should implement effective employee training and communication standards (including making sure employees are provided information in a format and language they understand). While employers are already prohibited from firing or discriminating against employees for raising concerns about workplace safety, employers are also encouraged to emphasize to workers that they won't be subject to retaliation for raising such concerns, and to consider setting up an anonymous process for workers to voice concerns about COVID-19 related hazards.  This article summarizes some key elements of OSHA's new guidance. We recommend that you  review the guidance in its entirety  and consider whether your existing policies should be updated in light of these new recommendations. Keep in mind that these guidelines go hand-in-hand with existing federal, state, and local requirements – they do not replace them. The President's executive order discover this info here also gives OSHA until March 15 to issue emergency standards, which we anticipate will be published in the coming weeks. Getting a jump-start on this guidance will set you up for a smoother transition when OSHA issues those emergency standards.

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Beaumont administrators Anita Frank and Randall Maxwell present the district BISD drop out rates, special education concerns in annual report Beaumont administrators Anita Frank and Randall Maxwell present the district's annual report at a public hearing on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021. Photo by Isaac Windes / Beaumont EnterpriseIsaac Windes Beaumont ISD had a drop-out rate over double the state average, and the district’s special education program needs “substantial intervention,” according to its annual report presented at a public hearing Thursday evening. BISD Trustee Tillie Hickman questioned Randall Maxwell, the executive director of secondary administration, who struggled to explain the rates, which have remained above the state average for several years. “The cause may be multiple things,” Maxwell said. “Different facts that the student may not have that connection with the teacher.” Superintendent Shannon Allen pointed to budget and staffing cuts that included drop-out interventionists at high schools in recent years. “We lost a lot of those human resources that we had,” Allen said. “In the process of re-evaluating things, we are adding those resources back.” Districts across the state, including BISD, have been excused from accountability ratings due to the pandemic and the district touted a superior financial rating for the last year. Hickman also questioned Maxwell on the low participation of students in special education programs across the district compared to the state. BISD has 8.8% of students in special education, with the state closer to 10%. “I don’t think we have any less special education students,” Hickman, who has been with the district for decades, said. “This has been something that we have had a problem with since I started here.” Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Administration Anita Frank said the district is “working with campuses to identify students that need those services,” but first wants to go “through all the interventions possible.” During the monthly board meeting following the hearing, Allen said it is increasingly likely that winter storm damage will cause students at Beaumont United High School to remain virtual into next week. Damage still is being worked on at Jones-Clark Elementary, Charlton-Pollard Elementary and Odom Academy; and is expected to be finished by the end of the week. The district has also begun to vaccinate teachers, with 120 vaccinated in recent days and 970 staff members polled showing interest. BISD is partnering with Riceland Healthcare to administer the Moderna vaccine. Board members voted to authorize Allen to apply for missed-day waivers for the days the district closed campuses due to the storm.